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Other Floor Cleaning
(rugs & runners / hard flooring)

photo of a freshly cleaned wooden floor

Hard flooring

Wood, bamboo, marble, concrete……whatever the surface, it can and should be cleaned, just like any other flooring surface. Just because it doesn’t have a fibre pile, that doesn’t mean it won’t trap dirt, bacteria and odours, far from it.
We have the equipment and expertise to clean pretty much any surface, just let us know what it is and, if required, we will come and see the flooring before quoting, just to make sure you get the job done right and, like with all of our work, the very best results.

Rugs & runners

As with carpet cleaning, we treat your rugs with the utmost respect and care and ensure that we use the right products and equipment to get the very best results. We know through experience that some rugs have specific cleaning instructions, so we will always ensure we read these carefully before commencing cleaning, just to be sure it can be cleaned by us.

Dry clean only rugs can be cleaned, and again we appreciate that some rugs are both expensive and made from fine materials that need that little bit of extra TLC. We have the right equipment to do this, it is why we have invested heavily in it, to ensure we do not damage your rug but only to bring it back to life and looking beautiful again.

At Barnett & Gyll we know the difference between cost and value, but we appreciate both are equally important. So we will  match or better any genuine like for like quote. Absolutely guaranteed !!