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Cleaning Services Brighton

All part of the standard service from Barnett & Gyll every time

A rug
The arrows show colour bleeding in a rug that was not checked before washing, this cannot be reversed or removed.
Rug colour dye test
A colour dye test is very quick and easy to do, it should form part of the cleaning process every time.
Check the carpet pile
When appropriate, we will check the pile of the carpet and he backing to ensure we know what we are cleaning.
When booking a cleaning company, ask yourself "Do we want a cleaner or an expert?"

At Barnett & Gyll we follow a specific process that will ensure you, the customer, get the very best job done for the item we are cleaning. It is pointless hoping that we get it right, we need to ensure that we know what we are cleaning, whether it can be cleaned and if so, what kit and chemicals should be used.

For instance, wool loves acidic based products but not alkaline, and so will react accordingly if the correct pH levels are not restored. This will cause long term damage to your carpet and shorten it's life. A decent wool carpet can last for 20 to 30 years if properly looked after.

Simply by taking the time to look at the carpet or upholstery, checking the material and manufacturers instructions (guide) and assessing the job, we can ensure we don't cause any damage.

Step 1 - Inspection
  • Survey job
  • Check risk of material shrinkage
  • Look for risks of damage (fraying / poor joints etc).
  • Type of backing (Carpet)
Step 2 - Fibre Test (Carpet)
  • Identify fibre type
  • Determine use of correct solutions
  • Prejudge if any stains are removable
Step 3 - Dye test
  • All colours must be pH tested
  • Very simple, effective and quick method
  • Again to ensure the correct solutions are used
  • Also to determine if the item is able to be cleaned by us
Step 4 - Agitate Pile (Carpet)
  • Comb or brush carpet to separate pile
  • Release any matted pile
  • Loosen any deep grounded dirt
  • Makes dust extraction easier
Step 5 - Vacuum
  • Power vacuum to extract dust and grit
  • Extract all other dry soil
Step 6 - Treat Stains
  • Identify what the stain is
  • Identify correct solutions and method of removal
  • Treat stain and brush
  • Dry area and repeat until removed (This is not a guarantee it will be completely removed)
Step 7 - Spray Pre-treatment
  • Use the correct, pre-determined solution
  • Spray evenly and sparingly (unless needed) across surface
  • Leave to soak in and work on releasing the soil
Step 8 - Agitate Pile (Carpet)
  • Work in the pre-treatment
  • Release any remaining soil
  • Prepare fibre for rinsing
Step 9 - Deep cleaning
  • Select correct solutions
  • Add odour neutraliser
  • Rinse through using the correct tool
  • Vacuum excess moisture our
  • Hand finish with correct tool where appropriate
Step 10 - Realign Pile (Carpet)
  • Use a clean brush
  • Pile must be correctly set when damp
  • Replace furniture only when necessary
  • Use foils or blocks to prevent bleeding  
We will always;
  • Wear protective eye protectors where required
  • Ask if you want odour neutraliser to be used
  • Wear shoe protectors in your home
  • Wear gloves when working
  • Clean up any water spills or mess

In summary, we could cut corners, save ourselves some time and money, but we are 100% committed to giving you and your home the very best cleaning experience.

Following this process helps us decide firstly if we can do the job, then the best method, machinery and chemistry, the number of people and of course, most importantly, it will enable us to give you an accurate, solid quote based on the facts and work required.

price promise
At Barnett & Gyll we know the difference between cost and value, but we appreciate both are equally important. So we will  match or better any genuine like for like quote. Absolutely guaranteed !!